About Me

Hi There!

I’m an entrepreneurial, senior technical leader with 19 years of professional experience in Product Management, Operations, Digital Marketing and Engineering.

What defines me professionally

I possess a wide operating range, encapsulating marketing and IT operations, software/product development (SDLC), people/vendor management, program/budget management and network security.

I’ve worked for Sony PlayStation, Hitachi Data Systems, Sun Microsystems, Dell SonicWall and various other Silicon Valley startups & SMBs.

My background and expertise are in driving large-scale B2B & B2C programs, products, and strategies, particularly in turnaround environments.

I have a unique blend of technical ability, business acumen, and creative aptitude.

A bit about me

I’ve lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for nearly 30 years.

In my spare time, I enjoy building and fixing things (physical and digital), riding my bikes, cooking, reading, listening to philosophical podcasts and traveling to interesting places.

I read Wikipedia for fun. History, geography, art, culture, finance, sociology, physiology and medicine are some my favorite subjects.

I love my wife, my twins and my dog Oatmeal.